A few very quick IMPORTANT updates

Disney Celebration

We will have a short “Wrap Party” next Tuesday, December 7, starting at 5p at the BHS Cafeteria.

SHS students will ONLY be able to stay until 6p, as they have a rehearsal that Dr. Ryan will allow you to be 15 minutes (only)…


Many Thanks to Give

As we reflect on the events of the past few months, it’s quite easy to be overwhelmed with emotions and gratitude.

I’m most thankful for the wonderful students, parents & staff that I have the honor of working with every day, on this project we call “Band”.

A Celebration

The Director…

Well, that’s a wrap!

The Disney Film Experience

I know many folks didn’t believe it when I announced it at Band Camp, but here we are, now reflecting back on this amazing experience! Our students are all over this film! …


Chang’s Band & Guard Dress for Tomorrow

I’ve just received a message from Disney Wardrobe that there are SIX changes of clothes for tomorrow!!! So — bring LOTS of stuff and REMEMBER to pack your UNIFORM as well!

From Wardrobe just now: Shirts, a layer on top like hoodies and cardigans, a light jacket…

Here’s your schedule:

Thursday November 18, 2021

  • 5:15p — arrive G-2 for Covid Testing. Students go first, then Parents & Guardians. Anyone who will be at the filming on Saturday MUST be tested.
  • 6p — 7:30p — Rehearsal for Chang’s Band & Guard

Saturday November 20, 2021

Remember — There is no bus


Arrive dressed for the…

Midweek Updates

Greetings — some VERY important updates:

Filming in Stamford Nov 20 UPDATED

Timing for Saturday:

Arrive dressed for the “Band Practice Scene” (wear your Long-Johns — it will be cold!!!)

  • 8A-4P percussion, color guard, woodwinds, & drum majors.
  • 11A-7P everyone else. (Brass Players)
  • Breakfast will be open for the 1st group not the second…

Greetings — here’s the scoop…

Disney’s Generosity

I can’t tell you the amount, but Disney is making 2 donations, 1 to the School and 1 to the Band. Both are 5 figures each. I’m beyond blown away!

Thursday November 18, 2021

5:30p — Covid Testing for

  • Chang’s Band Musicians & their Parent/Guardians
  • Chang’s Band Guard &…


Yesterday was an amazing day! Our students will be ALL OVER this movie!

And — Disney has stepped up and done something even MORE amazing, some might even say — magical! I will share this information as soon as I am allowed to do so…

FYI — the film’s…

Greetings all…

It’s hard to find the words to sum up this season (technically, it’s still not over yet!) but I am completely in awe of this amazing group.

Last March or even April, we were looking at about 30–40 members. So we started a massive recruitment drive and the…

Greetings — here’s the scoop

Great rehearsal last night — THANK YOU!

Parents Bus — URGENT

Currently, we only have 6 seats sold for the parents bus.

We need a few more riders to make this work

It’s about $23 each way… not bad — and you don’t have to pay Gas/Tolls!

Here’s the…

G James Miller

Director of Bands - Frank Scott Bunnell HS

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