Tuesday Disney Updates

Please read all CAREFULLY!!!

There are THREE things that MUST be completed BEFORE practice tonight!

Date Changes

It is likely that Disney will be changing the dates for the two filming days in Stamford from Oct 10 & 24 to Oct 17 & Nov 7. I should know the details very soon…

If we are NOT filming this Sunday — there will be no Covid testing Friday

The Only People Testing Tonight

Only Chang’s Band & Guard, plus the 3 or 4 parents & staff attending the rehearsal Thursday will be tested tonight.

There are no parents/guardians required at the rehearsal Thursday.

Tonight (Tuesday)

5p-6p Covid Testing

If you do not test — you can NOT work Thursday…

  • Arrive through the BAND ROOM side door.
  • Go to Room G-2 (Choir Room)
  • Check in and get tested
  • Exit the door into the Band Room (by the pit)
  • Go to the dungeon and get your instrument etc…

6p — 7:30p — Drill sets

7:30–8p — Music in Drill & Run thru’s

8:00p — 8:15p — clean up dismissal

Checklist — STUDENTS ONLY!

The following items MUST be completed today!

  • your work papers — MUSICIANS ONLY (see instructions below)
  • Covid Testing Consent Form see links below (Musicians & Guard)
  • vaccination verification — ONLY students/parents/staff attending Thursday

Covid Testing Consent Form — STUDENTS ONLY

ALL testers are required to fill this consent form out in advance in order to test:

Adult Consent (18+):https://www.mdamericawellness.com/bucketsca

Minor Consent (under 18): https://www.mdamericawellness.com/bucketscm

The following is an updated list:

x = they have received your consent form

Submit Proof of Vaccine

This is for ALL Students/Parents/Guardians/Staff attending any of the fiming & rehearsal dates:

All Parents & Students & Staff register as “Cast”

(this does not work on the Safari Web Browser)


Request an Accommodation for Vaccine

If you need a Medical or Religious exemption — please visit this link NOW and request an accommodation…

This form could take week(s) to process — so PLEASE complete and submit NOW!!!

If you need an extension, fill out the form for a medical accommodation, and when they contact you — explain that you just need more time (because you are waiting for your final shot etc…)

This is for ALL STUDENTS, PARENTS & STAFF who will be at the filming dates in Stamford and for ALL STUDENTS, PARENTS & STAFF who will be close to the band on October 29


Work Papers Instructions — MUSICIANS (NO Guard)

This is for CHANG’S BAND MUSICIANS ONLY — no Color Guard. Parents & Guardians have a spot to fill out as well (last page)

Parents & Guardians for the under 18 students please assist your child in completing this form ASAP

You start work on Thursday! This is the ONLY way you will get paid for this project!!!

Directions: (please follow carefully!!!)

1 — download and print a copy of the attached forms (if you have a PDF mark up tool, you may edit the form by adding your information) and saving the file. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1JU3nZeJJjGbf9CAXP9ffed3OqgQBNv5C/view

2 — fill out all highlighted sections and sign where prompted. Scan your Passport or other acceptable documents

3 — scan (or save) into ONE SINGLE PDF file. (They will NOT accept multiple pages) PLEASE remember to INCLUDE a scan of your Passport or other ID document(s) at the end of the file!

TIP: get the Genius Scan app for iPhone — it’s free and you can make a single file and email it right from the scanner app.

4 — Compose an email — put YOUR NAME in the subject line along with Chang (ie: Jim Miller — Chang), attach your file (that’s important!!!) and then email the file to this address — sandraparkmusic@aol.com

5 — once you send your emails, with the ATTACHED SINGLE FILE — then click this link and fill out the form so that I can track who has completed this — https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSfTqmz07WogjrG7C3cfvrFhWJSx2yx3mr_rvRChdT1OArB5sQ/viewform

thank you!

J. Miller

Director of Bands - Frank Scott Bunnell HS