Greetings — a few changes & updates…

note: Parents & Guardians are only required on filming days

Tuesday October 5

The covid testing will just be for Chang’s Band (including Guard) and any staff or parents that will be attending the newly scheduled rehearsal (see below) on Thursday morning… Chang’s Band will then rehearse from 6p-9p

Covid testing will begin at 5:30p

Wednesday October 6

  • 5:45p — all members report to the side field
  • 6:00p-6:30p — Basics & Drill Sets
  • 8:00p-8:15p — Run Thru’s
  • 8:30p — Clean up Dismissal

Thursday October 7

  • 8:30a — Chang’s Band (Incl Guard) report to the Band Room (SHS & Middle School Students wull need to arrange transportation)
  • 9:00a — 11:30a — Rehearsal w/Disney Director & Actors
  • 11:30p — 12p — lunch (bring your own)
  • 5:45p — all members report to the side field
  • 6:00p-7:00p — Drill sets side field
  • 7:00p — Music in drill plus Run thru’s
  • 8:30p — clean up/dismissal

Saturday 10–9–2021 — Contest at Norwalk

We will be staying for Awards

  • 10:00a — arrive dressed Waist Down
  • Drill Rehearsals until LIGHT lunch (more like a snack)
  • Drill/Music after lunch
  • 2:00p — Run Thru’s
  • 2:30p — load truck and busses — food delivery (details soon)
  • 3:00p — Depart for Norwalk HS
  • 3:45p — arrive Brien McMahon, get uniform jackets and hats on, warm up
  • 5:45p — Perform
  • Load the truck (one truck will be for Stamford on Oct 10)
  • 7:15p — Awards
  • 7:00p — depart
  • 7:30p — arrive Stratford, unload, dismissed

Sunday October 10

Filming Day at Stamford (Westhill HS)

  • Parent or Guardian must accompany and provide transportation
  • Guardian can be by proxy — anyone over 18 in the family
  • Guardian must be vaccinated, or sit in their car or outside while filming
  • Shooting schedule is 9a-8p
  • I will advise as soon as I know our “call” times (I would plan on being their the entire day) — and BRING stuff to do!
  • Students will need their FULL uniform PLUS regular practice clothes (no visible logos).
  • I will let you know if food will be available or if you will need to bring it

Thank you!

J. Miller

Director of Bands - Frank Scott Bunnell HS