Disney Updates — Time Sensitive

These are VERY important

Stamford Filming

FYI — Disney will be providing meals for the students on these filming days

Register for Testing

Students attending NEXT THURSDAY’S practice (Chang’s Band & Guard) must complete this form immediately, so you can be tested Tuesday October 5th:


Everyone else will fill it out later

Testing Dates — times TBA

  • Oct 5 (for Oct 7 Rehearsal) — Chang’s Band & any Staff or Parent who will be at the Thursday morning rehearsal at Bunnell
  • Oct 8 (for Fiming in Stamford Oct 10) — Chang’s Band Musicians ONLY, plus the parents/guardians of those specific students.
  • Oct 22 (for filming in Stamford Oct 24) Chang’s Band Musicians ONLY, plus the parents/guardians of those specific students.
  • Oct 27 (for filming at Bunnell on Oct 29) All Band & Guard Students and ONLY parents who will be in close proximity to the Band (Pit Crew etc…)

Request an Accommodation

If you need a Medical or Religious exemption — please visit this link NOW and request an accommodation…

This form could take week(s) to process — so PLEASE complete and submit NOW!!!

If you need an extension, fill out the form for a medical accommodation, and when they contact you — explain that you just need more time (because you are waiting for your final shot etc…)

This is for ALL STUDENTS, PARENTS & STAFF who will be at the filming dates in Stamford and for ALL STUDENTS, PARENTS & STAFF who will be close to the band on October 29


Submit Proof of Vaccine

This is for ALL Students/Parents/Guardians/Staff attending any of the fiming & rehearsal dates:

All parents & Students & Staff register as “Cast”

(this does not work on the Safari Web Browser)


Cleared for Work

Cleared for work means that the student (or parent/guardian) has been cleared to enter Disney’s workspace(s)

Anyone who enters Disney’s Workspace MUST be cleared.

To be cleared — students MUST have proof of vaccination PLUS a negative Covid test that will be given 2 days prior to all rehearsals and filming days


There are several conditions…

All students/parents will need to show proof (that method will be coming soon) that they are vaccinated.

To work on Oct 7 (rehearsal) and Oct 10 (filming) you MUST be:

  • Fully Vaccinated


  • Had at least 1 shot already of J&J, Pfizer or Moderna by Oct 5


  • Submitted an Accommodation form (coming soon)

To work after October 20 (Oct 24, & 29) you MUST be:

  • Fully Vaccinated (second shot by Oct 6)
  • Submitted an Accommodation form

I’m confident that we can get everyone settled in time!

Thank you

J. Miller



Director of Bands - Frank Scott Bunnell HS

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