Chang’s Band and other Disney Info

please see below and read all CAREFULLY


Please see below for a list of Chang’s Band Members Band & Guard (Guard will only be filmed at BHS on October 29).

All of the students on this list MUST be available for all filming dates and all rehearsal dates. Please advise if you are unable to make the commitment, as we will put someone else in your place.

If you do NOT see your name — you will be an “alternate” to fill in if someone drops out or misses a rehearsal.

Chang’s Band Color Guard

Dates & Times


  • October 10 — Chang’s Band filmed at Westhill HS in Stamford— NO COLOR GUARD
  • October 23 — Cavalcade of Bands at Bunnell — NO FILMING
  • October 24 — Chang’s Band filmed at TBA — NO COLOR GUARD
  • October 29 — Full Band & Color Guard & Chang’s Band plus Guard, filmed at BHS

Rehearsals for Chang’s Band (Weather permitting)

  • September 28 —6p-9p — side field
  • October 5–6p-9p — side field
  • October 13–7:15–9p — side field
  • October 20–7:15–9p — side field


  • October 20 During the School day (Students excused)
  • October 27 During the School day (Students excused)


some students may be asked to be “extras” in other scenes

My understanding:

Students in Chang’s Band will be paid AFofM union wages

Color Guard will be paid “Extras” wages

Covid Protocol

  • Anyone who is performing with Chang’s Band (including the color guard) MUST submit to covid testing 2 days prior to any rehearsal w/actors and any filming days.
  • All Chang’s Band members, including Guard, MUST be vaccinated.
  • All Disney employees, crew & actors will also be submitting to an even more rigorous testing regimen.

Students under 18

  • Any student under 18 must have a parent/guardian at every rehearsal (where there are actors) and every performance/filming date — no exceptions
  • Parents may appoint a proxy guardian — such as a Grandparent or Aunt/Uncle etc… sibling over 21


You can get the Music and the Audio here:

2 arrangements — “Ecstacy of Gold” & “Seven Nation Army” — please download BOTH arrangements even if you are NOT on the Chang’s Band list.


Watch the animation of Chang’s Band here

Commitment Form

Please fill out this form immediately:




Director of Bands - Frank Scott Bunnell HS

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G James Miller

G James Miller

Director of Bands - Frank Scott Bunnell HS

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