Band Notes 9–18–2020

Greetings All -

Here are the updates:

Vicki Soto 5K

Every year the town Stratford honors Vicki Soto, the brave teacher who gave her life for her students at Sandy Hook, with a 5K road race. This year, it will be a virtual race (somehow, on video). In years past, the marching band has performed at the event. We are going to put together one of those “Brady Bunch Zoom Type” videos (similar to what we did on Memorial Day). Please click the link below to access the sheet music and the audio files. One of Vicki’s favorite songs, I have been told, was “Under the Sea” from the Little Mermaid. Mr. DeLucia and I have put together a 50 second arrangement of that music. Please record yourself performing this music, and deliver it to me no later than next Friday, September 25. Please upload the video to your Google Drive, and then share it with me. Bunnell students, you can please upload your video to your Google classroom.

Here are the instructions on how to shoot the video:

All musicians should practice the music along with the audio file that is provided. The audio file has a two bar, eight count, Lead-in count-off. So, wait eight counts, then start counting your measures rest that are in the sheet music. Once you have the music perfected, set up your recording device in landscape mode, aimed at you and please capture your entire face and instrument. ( If you are a brass player, do not block your face with the bell of your instrument). Press the record button, then press the play button on the audio file that will go into headphones that you will be wearing. After the eight count lead-in, start counting your measures rest, and then play where required. After the recording is finished, press stop, and then send me the video. It would also be helpful if, after the first four counts of the lead-in, you would audibly say “1–2–3–4” along with the clicks. This will help me line up the start of the videos with the other musicians.

Musicians will have the option of using the individual audio file that’s specific to their instrument or part, for using the full band video. Whatever you prefer to listen to while you record is fine with me.

Color Guard — if you would like to create a routine using a flag or rifle or dance, you can also film yourself. Please use the full band version provided in the audio files.

Link to Parts & Audio Files

Fall Marching Band 2020

Since we are currently unable to rehearse in person, we will do the same thing as mentioned above for the fall marching band show. One of those Brady Bunch Zoom Type videos, where we will record ourselves and I will submit them on a weekly basis to US bands to be judged. The recording process will be the same as outlined above, however, we will break the show down into four chunks. I will send you links to each of the segments, along with audio files. You will continue to use the sheet music that was produced for you last April. I will also outline the measures that will be part of each chunk. As we go through the fall, I will send one chunk at a time to US bands until we have a completed show.

I have some type of outline for the colorguard members soon as well.

I know this is not ideal. I know this is what any of us wanted. But, as often times happens in life, you have to make the best out of the situation you were given. As they say, you have to play the hand that you were dealt. So, in typical Bunnell fashion, we will make the best of a bad situation.

Please see below for the outline of the chunks, and links to the files.

Fall Marching Band Show 2020 REVISED Links

Part 1 — “Teach Your Children”
Measures 1–56
Link to Audio Files —

Part 2a — “La Mancha Overture”
Measures X57–94
Link to Audio Files —

Part 2b — “Impossible Dream”
(NOTE — Very SLOW count off in 9/8 — Three groups of 3 clicks PER Measure)
Measures 95–130
Link to Audio Files —

Part 3 — “Mr. Holland’s Opus — An American Overture”
(NOTE — Very Fast count off in 12/8 — FOUR groups of 3 clicks PER Measure)
Measures 131–End
Link to Audio Files —

Thank you

J. Miller



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G James Miller

G James Miller

Director of Bands - Frank Scott Bunnell HS