Band Notes 8–27–2021

well, that’s a wrap! Lots to learn in this newsletter — please read all…

Band Camp

What a terrific camp! We were able to play through and move the entire show!

And — our kids are tough! We had record heat during camp and everyine pushed through and worked hard.

Obviously, being in the Band can teach more than Music, Marching, & Flag work!


Here are some videos from the Band Camp Picnic (please do not share publicly on social media)

Part 1 Standstill:

Part 2 Standstill:

Part 3 Standstill:

First full run:

Looking ahead

All sections MUST have a sectional between now and Wednesday, Sept 1

Sept 1 — Full Band on side field

Sept 2 — Full Band on Side Field

Sept 8 — Full Band on Side Field

Sept 9 — Full Band on Side Field In UNIFORM

Sept 10 — Football Game at BHS — report 6p

Sept 11 — First Band Contest at Bethel HS — Report BHS 11a (more details as we get closer)

Fund Raising

Please stay on top of your fund raising. Emails from the Band Parents will give you updates, but the Ad Book is the big one — sell as many ads as possible!

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J. Miller



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