Band Notes 6–24–2019

Greetings — a few items and updates

Inclement Weather

The weather started getting rough… Well, anyway… it’s that time of year where the weather can be unpredictable.

Over the summer, until Band Camp, the rule of thumb is — if your windshield wipers are on — then we are cancelled. This includes Guard and Marching Basics and all sectionals etc…

We will try the best we can to get the word out when we cancel.


Speaking of getting the word out — Please sig up for our “Remind” text message service. Just simply Text @bunnellb to 81010 to sign up.

Also — all students should register for the Schoology Page:

Go to: then “Join Course” (not join group) and use this as your access code: V3RR-5QH8-HWFSX (you may have to create a FREE Schoology Account first).


Resumes this THURSDAY 6p-8:30p on the side field/tennis courts

Payments for returning Members!

Please remember that all returning members MUST have a ZERO balance on their account OTHERWISE — you will not be permitted to participate in ANY activities, including sports, until your account is reconciled!

Make a payment here —

Remember — you can sell Ads for the ad-book to satisfy your account!

Sectional & Caption Schedule

We ask that you make every effort to attend the sectionals if you are in town. If not, then you are excused…

Section leaders will reach out to members, however you can contact the section leaders for details & locations (numbers below)

Here is the summer schedule for Sectionals & Caption rehearsals:

  • Starting June 24th — Drum Sectional (Snares/Tenors/Basses Monday: 10am-12pm
  • Starting July 2nd — Clarinet Sectional Tuesday: 10am-12pm
  • Starting June 25th — Saxes Sectional Tuesday: 11am-12pm
  • Starting July 2nd — ALL Woodwind Caption: Tuesday: 12pm-1:30pm
  • Starting June 26th — Flutes Sectional Wednesday: 4:30pm-6pm
  • Starting July 3rd — Trumpets Sectional Wednesday: 4–5:30
  • Starting July 3rd — Low Brass (Horns Bones Baris & Tubas) Sectional Wednesday 4:30–6
  • Starting July 11th — ALL Brass Caption Thursday: 2pm-3:30pm

Leaders Contact Info

Flute Section Leaders: Carolina Martinez: +1 (203) 343–2611

Clarinets Section Leaders: Brianna Nguyen: +1 (203) 540–8917, Rosanna Martinez: +1 (475) 298–8203

Saxes: Marquise Lawerence: (203) 212–7630, Hubert Jankowski: +1 (203) 814–4134

Trumpets: Joseph Lumasag: 203–908–5359, Sean Leclerc: +1 (475) 449–5144

Brass Caption Head: Sean Latham: +1 (203) 993–1406

Low Brass: Maurice Neri: (203) 522–8623, Miguel Fernandez: +1 (203) 556–2139

Drummers — Matt Gama: +1 (732) 704–0027, Dianna Cronin: 203–690–2712

Pit: Aditya Gowd: 959–777–7879

Percussion Caption Head — Ganine: +1 (203) 275–5220

Marching Basics

Begin July 10 at 6p-7:45p in the Parking lot at Bunnell. Again, please — if you are in town you are expected to attend. Guard does not need to attend, but drum line does.

Stay current with Fund Raising!

We have equipment to purchase, vendors & designers to pay… please stay current on your ad book sales & PLEASE turn in (send in) any ads the moment you get them!

Fall Marching Band 2019 Music

The Music has been revised! All other music is obsolete… This music supersedes all other versions. There are MAJOR changes — even since June 18 Practice. Please discard your older versions and go with this version.

All FIRST year members should choose a 2nd or 3rd part.

Save ink & Paper — print only what you need!

Audio Files for each part are in the folder above as well. Individual files, with a click track, so you can play along and learn your part!

Full Ensemble Audio —

Ad Book (Cavalcade of Bands Program Book)

Sadly, the Bunnell Band is NOT fully funded by the B.O.E or the town (Very few — IF ANY — HS Marching Bands are funded anywhere in the USA). While they supply some support, it is simply not sufficient to operate a Competitive Program.

Some towns in our area, require their students to pay 2, to 3 to 4 times the amount that we require our students to contribute.

Band & Guard is free, provided you meet the annual fund raising goal, which is $455 (depending on the final BOE/Town Budget) for the 2019 Fall Season. The only time that you will have to pay “Out of Pocket” is when you don’t meet that goal using the provided fun raising tools!!!

The best fund raising tool, by far, is the Cavalcade Adbook, or Program Book. This is somewhat like a yearbook for the Band & Guard. Town Businesses will purchase “Ad Space” in return for a Tax Deduction (we are a 501(c)3 “not for profit” organization). In addition — many Family members will also purchase a “Good Luck” ad page for their child. Parents who purchase ads will also get a Tax Deduction as well. SO RATHER than paying out of pocket — purchase an ad and get the Tax break!


  • Turn is ads/checks AS SOON as you get them.
  • Ask family and friends to purchase an ad, get the tax break, and support you (or your child).
  • Try all sections of town, and into Shelton on Bridgeport Ave & Devon, just over the Bridge.

Sell to:

  • Doctor/Dentist/Orthodontist Office (especially if you are a patient)
  • Law Offices
  • Real Estate Offices
  • Insurance Offices
  • Restaurants
  • Gas Stations
  • Florists
  • Mortuaries
  • Local Businesses

Avoid selling to:

  • National Chains (Home Depot, Wallmart etc…)
  • Liquor Stores
  • Smoke Shops
  • Firearms Stores

Set a Goal and get out there and sell!

The Businesses know that we are coming —

Here is a sample script that students can use when asking a business to purchase an ad:

Hello, I am _________________________ and I’m here today from the Bunnell Stratford Marching Band, and I’m hoping that you can help me out.

The Bunnell Band will be performing at the Citrus Sports Parade in Orlando Florida and we will be representing the Town of Stratford on National Television.

I am hoping that you will purchase an ad for the Cavalcade of Bands Program book. This ad is 100% Tax-Deductible, and your generosity will help me reach my goal of representing our Town.

Please complete this form now, and if you don’t mind — writing a check today as well.

Thank you!!!

Here is the form that you will need —

See a Sample Ad Here —

You can also purchase an ad online here —

Learn more about the ad-book here —


• Please sell as many ads as possible, as 100% of the ads will go to the students’ accounts.
• Your family members may also take ads as well.
• Ads can be from out of State.
• Ads are Tax Deductible

All ads must be turned in by Oct. 3, 2019.

This isn’t for me!

The Bunnell Band & Guard has a rich tradition that is steeped in excellence.

That said — I know that this group isn’t for everyone.

If you have decided to change your mind, please do the following:

  • Give it a chance — you never know!
  • The Activity is basically 2 nights per week for two months, excluding the performances.
  • You CAN do Sports & Band!


PLEASE — email me ASAP — if you change your mind so that we can adjust our plans.

Thank you!

J. Miller



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