Band Notes 6–11–2018

G James Miller
4 min readJun 11, 2018


Greetings folks — here’s the news, and LOTS of news!

If you recently registered for Marching Band & Guard, this is our weekly newsletter. Please read all of the info here, it takes less than 5 minutes. Thank you!


In the spirit of transparency, I will be sending out a Newsletter NEXT WEEK that will contain ALL OF THE INFORMATION that a FIRST YEAR member will need to know! I know that this can sometimes be overwhelming, but our group is very organized, and streamlined, and my letter next week should explain EVERYTHING in a clear and concise manner. We aren’t one of the finest performing groups in the State of Connecticut by accident!

Band Awards

Many thanks to the Seniors for their TERRIFIC Gifts!!! I will always treasure them, and think of you when I see them. I especially love the Scrap-Book! I will take some photos and share them with you in the FB page asap!

Recruiting Video

Thanks to all who were interviewd for our revised and updated recruiting video — this is WELL worth your 9 minutes!

Schedule This Week

No rehearsals scheduled this week. Please keep your eye on the Schedule Page on the Band WebSite for updates and Changes. PLease reember to report for your final exams tomorrow. (period 3 & 4)


All Period 1, 3, and 4, with selected period 2 students will perform on Graduation Thursday. This is mandatory and part of your Final Exam grade!

Please be IN YOUR SEAT no later than 5p.

Keep in mind — parking will be at a premium — so please plan on arriving early!

The “Dress Code” is Concert Attire — PLUS Sunglasses. You will be ON THE FIELD with the Graduating Class and you MUST look good! Please also use sunscreen if you burn eaisly, and please bring wind clips (clothespins) for your music.

The ceremony usually runs 90–120 minutes, and starts promtly at 6p

Orlando Band Trip

We currently have OVER 120 Travelers and about 80 students.

Almost EVERY Veteran Member has signed on to the trip!

We have several incoming members, mostly current 7th and 8th graders who have NOT registered for the trip yet. PLEASE contact me immediaitely if you are not sure if you are registered. We will be depositing the plane seats next week!

Click here to register —


Those families who have submitted a down payment toward FL, while their student still maintains a 2017–18 balance: Those Trip payments will be credited toward the general account balances first, then to the trip. You may still register, but no deposit will be applied until you are caught up!

Payments towards your Accounts

All students that have a Balance MUST get their accounts current ASAP!

Students with a balance will NOT participate in Band Camp in August until those balances are reconciled, or a payment plan is maintained through July and August. This will be enforced on August 20th. Any Band Officer, including Drum Majors, who have balances, will be removed from their positions August 1st if they still have obligations. Officers MUST be models of participation standards!!!

Please use this link to make a payment —

June 20 & 21

There will be two practices at the Bunnell Band room for Brass, Woodwinds and Percussion on June 20 & 21, 9a-12p.

ALL students, including first year members should attend, unless you are out of town on vacation.

We will run thru the new music and get everyone set for the summer and beyond.

Drummers will move the Battery & Pit to the Dungeon (Basement under the Aux Gym) at 12p on the 21st. (please plan on staying a little extra)

Barnum Parade

We will be performing in the Barnum Parade on July 1, 2018 in Seaside Park in Bridgeport. This is a HUGE fund raiser for us, so please — if you are in town, please plan on atending.

We will use all 2017 members (Band & Guard) and all Fall 2018 NEW members as well. You will need Khacki Shorts, Sneakers, Sunglasses and a Whit polo Shirt, preferably a “BHS/SHS” polo (we have MANY extras — available at the Parade)

Drummers will play “Bulah Bulah” and the Winds will play Calabria (I will send this music out ASAP)

9a — Meet at BHS

9:3oa — depart for Bridgeport

12p — Parade Steps off

1p — return to BHS

Drummers take their equipment home at this time.

More Details to follow

Summer Practices

There will summer Marching Basics every Wednesday from 6p-7:45p at the Parking lot at BHS, beginning July 11, 2018. All veteran and new members from the Brass & Woodwinds and Percusion are expected to attend.

Summer “Sectionals and Captionals” are organized by the students and those dates/times will be released soon.

If you are in town, you are expected to attend.

This is the price you pay to be a Champion!

Looking Ahead

June 14 — Graduation (All Concert Band & Wind Ensemble & some Percussion perform)

June 21 — Guard Resumes: every Thursday 6p-9p

July 11 — Basic Marching Practices begin

Aug 20–24 — Band Camp (7a-4p)

Thank you!