Band Notes 5–11–2020

G James Miller
2 min readMay 11, 2020


Greetings all — here’s the News:

Watch the Video First


If you NEED your instrument because it’s still at the HS — please email me NOW! I will be at the HS Wednesday from 8a-10a and I will find a way to get you what you need!

Schoology Asignments

All assignments for Periods One through Four will be posted on Schoology on Monday morning, and will be due the following Sunday. Video assignments will be due at two week intervals, while other assignments are due each week. Each assignment should only take approximately 15 to 30 minutes to complete. Please stay on top of your assignments!

Zoom Meetings are mandatory!!! You will get a ZERO if you don't show!

Band Elections Results

We had a record 75 responses!

President — Ganine Marottolo

VP — Sean LeClerc

Secretary — Huy Huong

Treasurer — Kyra Ligas

Librarian — Brianna Nguyen

Historian — Jessiemae Iquina

Fall 2020 Officers

Drum Majors

Sarah Khouja

Jennifer Fajardo

Farah Hamada

Paige Jockers


Woodwinds: Logan Seaburg

Brass: Brendan Murphy

Drums/Pit: Ganine Marottolo & Deanna Cronin

Section Leaders

Flutes: Carolina Martinez

Clarinets: Laurie Bernard

Alto Saxes: Mario Oliva

Low Saxes: Huy Huong

Trumpets: Sean LeClerc & Mondo Fabrizi

Low Brass: Maurice Neri

Tubas: Amari Rivera

Pit: Aditya Gowd

Snares: Deanna Cronin

Tenors: Mat Gama

Bass: Gabe Parrella

Band Managers

Devon Dupray

Rayhan Negedu

We might add an assistant section leader for Flutes & Clarinets if we have more members.

Indoor Obligation Reduction & Payments

We are pleased to announce that the indoor fundraising obligation is going to be dropped from $455, down to $250, per member.

If you paid your indoor obligation for the 2020 winter season in full, you will have a credit that you can apply towards the fall 2020 season, or the band trip.

If you did not pay your indoor 2020 winter season in full, then you only need to make up the difference up to $250.

We would like all students to be paid in full by June 1 please. Use the link below to make a payment now.

If you are unsure as to how much is remaining on your account, please contact Mr. Larsen at the following email:

Please make a payment here:

Band Trip

We are still proceeding with the trip as planned. Please make sure you have your $50 per person deposit into Super Holiday Tours as soon as possible to guarantee your plane ticket. You can visit the band website and click on Hollywood trip, and then navigate to Super Holiday Tours to make your deposit.

Thank you

J. Miller