Band Notes 11–30–2020

Some Important Updates and BIG news!

Greetings! I hope that you all had a nice, safe, & healthy Thanksgiving. Please see below for some important updates

Holiday Concert

The Holiday Concert 2020 will be a virtual concert where the students have prepared their own seasonal & holiday selections. The video will be released for Families on December 22, 2020 at 7p.

Here’s a little teaser…

Indoor Registration

Here is the latest information on Indoor Season 2021:

* There will be ZERO in-person competitions/events for the Indoor 2021 Season for Guard or Drumline.

* If we can access the building, we will practice and then record performances to send in for adjudication, as we did in the fall.

* Winter sports have been delayed until January 19, 2021. Therefore, we can not begin until after that date. We will assess the situation at that point and decide on proceeding with Building access, or 100% virtual

* Both activities can proceed as a virtual activity, even without building access.

* We shall do the very best we can to keep the costs at a minimum, but we anticipate that the Indoor 2021 Fee Structure would look something like this:

Indoor season 2021 — if we have building access will be approx. $280–300pp

Indoor season 2021 — if we are FULL remote will be approx. $110pp.

* NO student may participate if he/she is not current (100% paid for Fall, 2020) and/or has an up-to-date contract for any prior monies owed.

* If we have building access — we will follow the same exact screening protocols, and safety procedures, that we did in the fall.

Please use the following link to register for Indoor Guard and Indoor Drumline -

PLEASE — understand — we will do the very best we can to provide a rewarding experience. However, in these times — nothing is a guarantee.

MAC Championships

The Musical Arts Conference (where we compete in the Indoor Season) has asked us to be the host for the 2021 Indoor Season MAC Championships on April 10, 2020!

Since the season will be an online virtual season, what this means is that we will be airing our Senior Recognition the night of Championships, along with everyone’s Championship Performance!


We can not begin to think about Indoor until we get our accounts current! Please — take a moment and make a payment on your account now. Even a minimum payment will help. We want to pay all staff, designers & vendors before the December holidays.

Please make a Credit Card payment now:

Thank you

J. Miller



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