Band Notes 11–3–2021

G James Miller
5 min readNov 3, 2021



A few reminders/updates

It will be COLD tonight!

Please dress accordingly! And remember — it will be cold for ALL of the Bands, not just us!

Important Action Items below:

Covid Testing Registration for Parents/Guardians & Staff ONLY

Use this form to register for your covid test on November 5th (Friday) for the filming on Sunday, November 7.

Only Parents, Guardians or Staff who will be present at the filming in Stamford on Sunday, November 7, should fill this out!

ASAP — please!

Students do NOT need to fill this out!

Proxy Guardian form for Sunday

Please fill this out ONLY if you will have a proxy Guardian for YOUR child.

Unvaccinated parents may drop off their child and wait in their car, but are not permitted to enter the set, or any area where the cast/crew/performers (including us) will be located.

Tickets & Bus for Championships

  • Every family must buy 2 tickets for States (November 3). They are $15/ea ($20 at the stadium)
  • We are offering a ticket exchange (see below)
  • We are offering a Parents Bus (school bus) for MetLife on November 6
  • We are selling tickets for MetLife at $30/Ticket (face value is $37)

You may purchase ALL of these online via PayPal here (with a slight markup to cover PayPal fees)

PLEASE — we need to have at least 20 people who want the bus to make it work — so — please reserve your BUS seats As soon as possible…

Ticket pick up for States (Nov 3) will be 3p near the tennis courts

Ticket Pick up for MetLife (Nov 6) will be at 11a near the tennis courts.

Request for Help

I received this email from an Extra who was in the Disney film — please let me know if you know anything about this:

Hi there!

My name is Rebecca, and I was at your school last week for the filming of Chang Can Dunk/Buckets.

First, congratulations to your group for being selected to be part of a Disney film, that is such an honor!

Second, you all were amazing! The band sounded so professional, and I was really impressed with the coordination of the whole group. I loved the flags — from the stands, they really look like flames!

Third, I was hoping I could enlist your help please. While I was in the auxiliary gym (holding area), I misplaced a small ziplock bag which contained 4 pairs of pierced earrings. I am hoping that perhaps someone found it! Would you mind please asking your folks if they found it? I would offer a reward for its return — the earrings have sentimental value, as my mom gave me several of the pairs.

There was one pair of silver earrings (wire with half moons at the bottom), one pair of gold “lacy” earrings roughly in the shape of flowers, one pair of oval gold earrings with a pearl-like stone in the center, and one pair of black dangling earrings with pink stones.

Thank you so much for your assistance! I wish you all the best for the rest of the school year, and I can’t wait to see the movie!

TODAY — Wednesday — Nov 3, 2021

New England & CT States Championships

  • 3:00p — arrive dressed Waist Down
  • 4:30p — Run Thru’s
  • 5:00p — load truck and busses — food delivery
  • 5:15p — Depart for Veterans Stadium New Britain CT
  • 6:15p — arrive New Britain, get uniform jackets and hats on, warm up
  • 7:56p — Perform
  • Load the truck
  • 9:45p — Awards
  • 10:00p — depart
  • 10:45p — arrive Stratford, unload, dismissed

Performance Schedule:

Thursday — Nov 4, 2021 — Rehearsal

  • 5:45p — all members report to the side field
  • 6:00p-8:00p — Basics & Drill Sets
  • 8:00p-8:15p — Run Thru’s
  • 8:15p-8:30p — Chang’s Band “Seven Nation Army”
  • 8:30p — Clean up Dismissal

Friday — Nov 5, 2021

Covid testing for Chang’s Band (no guard) & their parents/guardians & staff

Times — 4p-5:30p

Food for the Bus Ride for Saturday

Please use this link to order food NO LATER than 5p Thursday!!!

Please submit TWO orders and click which day your order will be delivered.

If you already submitted an order PRIOR to MONDAY — PLEASE RE-SUBMIT NOW!

Please order food or BRING a dinner for the bus ride!

Chinese Food:

Vira Deli:

the food will be delivered at 5:00p Wednesday & 1:00p on Saturday.

Saturday — Nov 6, 2021

USBands Nationals — MetLife Stadium East Rutherford NJ

  • 10:00a — arrive dressed Waist Down
  • 11:30a — Run Thru’s
  • 12:00p — load truck and busses — food delivery
  • 12:30p — Depart for MetLife Stadium
  • 2:30p — arrive MetLife, get uniform jackets and hats on, warm up
  • 4:10 — Perform!
  • 6:30 — Load the truck (separate truck for Stamford)
  • 6:30p — Awards
  • 7:00p — depart
  • 9:00p — arrive Stratford, unload, dismissed

There will be tickets available for purchase

Here’s the schedule (we are the New England pod 1)

Filming in Stamford November 7, times TBA

Chang’s Band — MUSICIANS ONLY plus their parents & guardians

Gymnasium Scene — “Seven Nation Army”

Food will be provided for all performers & their Guardians!!!

Get Seven Nation Army Revised Parts Here

CT State Championships Ticket Exchange

I have deleted the data from the event that was to happen on Wednesday Nov 3.

PLEASE click the link below if you need to sell your tix, or ask for more!

As in the past, every family is required to purchase 2 tickets for the State Championships at approx $18ea. Since not every family can use BOTH or even one ticket, and some families need MORE than 2 tickets — we have set up a “Ticket Exchange”.

First come, first served. Please fill out the form. There is no guarantee that we can sell your unwanted tickets, or that we will have extra! (tickets are also sold at the gate). If you do NOTHING you will be charged for 2 tickets and can pick them up at the tennis courts at 3p Wednesday.

Current Dates for Disney

These are curently all FIRM dates — weather permitting:

Nov 5 — Covid testing for Chang’s Band (no guard) & their parents/guardians 4:00p-5:30p

Nov 7 — Filming in Stamford times TBA Chang’s Band — MUSICIANS ONLY plus their parents & guardians

Nov 18 — Covid testing for Chang’s Band & guard & their parents/guardians

Nov 20 — filming day in Stamford (Weather Permitting) Chang’s Band & Guard only, plus parents & Guardians

thank you!

J. Miller