Band Notes 11–22–2021

Well, that’s a wrap!

The Disney Film Experience

I know many folks didn’t believe it when I announced it at Band Camp, but here we are, now reflecting back on this amazing experience! Our students are all over this film! I am so very proud of all of their individual professionalism, approach to their work ethic, and overall enthusiasm regarding this work, and of course their outstanding musical performances!

I would also like to say a massive thank you to Christina Ramos for all of her amazing dedication and organization. From Covid Testing to Uniforms and everything else — your tireless efforts made this a very smooth experience for all!

And, not to forget Dave and Frank on the truck — managing equipment for 2 bands (the Fall Competitive Band & Chang’s Band) 2 sets of drums & 2 pit set ups, was a massive task — I’m not sure how you kept it all straight!!!

The entire Parents Organization is to be commended. We are all so very blessed and very lucky.

I can also share now that we received a payment for consideration and acknowledgment of the efforts of the Band Parents, of Twenty Thousand dollars! Bunnell HS has also received a payment in kind for Ten Thousand dollars!!!

Beyond the obvious monetary reasons, this project was worth it in so many other valuable and intrinsic ways. Were there challenges and risks? Of course… but risk is our business, and the rewards far outweigh the challenges.

Saturday was grueling — SIX wardrobe changes and multiple filimg angles for each scene. To say I’m proud of the students is an understatement.

Please — take a moment or two and reflect on what you have accomplished, now factor in that we did this emerging from a pandemic. You delivered in a big way. What you did was monumental & miraculous — some might even say magical!!! so yes — pretty much anything is possible!

I hope it’s not too cliché to suggest that we all have much to be Thankful for, this Thursday…

Now back to your regularly scheduled broadcast…

Indoor Color Guard Begins TOMORROW!

Our color guard starts practice Tuesday at Eli Whitney school, 6p-9p

Masks and distancing are required.

Wednesday 11–24–2021 Pep Rally

There will be a pep rally at BHS Wednesday

***Only BHS Students will be performing***

Dress is spirit Blue, Grey & Gold — Band Gear & Band Jackets

Dress in layers — it will be cold!

  • Band & Guard students dismissed after Period 4 (first block)
  • Move equipment to the field (full pit)
  • Perform as students arrive (approx 10:00a)
  • Breakdown and move equipment back to the dungeon after the National Anthem
  • Return for the balance of the pep rally, dismissed with the rest of the school

Wednesday 11–24–2021 Football Game

***ALL BHS, SHS, FMS & WMS Students will be performing***

  • 5:30p — Arrive dressed “Waist Down”
  • Dress in layers — it will be cold!
  • SHS Students will dress in their SHS uniforms and perform with the group as such.
  • Immediately move equipment to the field (full pit) and get in full uniform
  • 6:30p — Drum Team into the Stadium
  • 7:00p — kickoff
  • With 8 minutes on the clock in the 2nd quarter — SHS students join the BHS students behind the goal posts on the far end of the field for warm up
  • Perform at 1/2 Time the last time through the “Heroes” show
  • 3rd Quarter off to visit concessions
  • 4th Quarter return to the stands

PLEASE BE AWARE that the weather conditions might alter these plans. If the temperature drops below 35º it becomes difficult for the instruments to function properly. There is always the possibility that we will need to dismiss early, or convert to “rooting” only, w/o playing.

Indoor Drumline Begins December 8

We will have 2 practices for the Indoor Drumline in December.

  • Dec 8 — 6p-9p
  • Dec 15–6p-9p

Music & Audio should be available for download prior to those dates

Holiday Concert

The holiday concert has been approved for a “Live Audience” for December 21st!!! Start time — 7p

The concert will be in the Gymnasium.

No cost (Our Gift to you!)

Please fill out the following “Survey & Ticket Request” form ASAP

You may do the following:

  • reserve your 2 tickets
  • decline 1 or 2 tickets
  • request 1 or 2 additional tickets

If you do not respond by December 17, we will assume you do not need any tickets, but responding and declining helps us give your tickets to others who might need them.

please submit your form asap, as additional tickets will be approved and honored on a case by case situation, on a first come first served basis!

Concert Dress Code:

Gents —

  • Black Pants
  • White Shirt
  • Dress Shoes/Socks
  • Tie (holiday colors for the tie — silver, gold, blue, purple, red, green.

Ladies —

  • Black Pants or skirt (below the knee)
  • Plain White Top
  • Dress Shoes

Please see this letter from Dr. Frazier:


All students should have completed their $425 in fund raising by this point— please make a payment NOW if you are not caught up! (We need to pay our staff & vendors!!!)

Looking Ahead

  • November 23 — Color Guard starts up
  • November 24 — Pep Rally
  • November 24 — Thanksgiving Game at BHS. SHS students will perform in their SHS Uniforms!
  • December 8 — Indoor Drumline begins 6p-9p at BHS Band Room
  • December 21 — Holiday Concert 7p

Thank you

J. Miller



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