Band Notes 11-17-2020

USBands Grand Finale Top Three!


We are in the TOP THREE at USBands Grand Finale!

Score — 89.75

Congrats to all of the Students, Parents & Staff, as well as the BHS Administration for all of your hard work in making this season, a season like none other, a very successful year!

Watch the Awards

Here is the Awards Ceremony from the Grand Finale

skip to the 19' 54" mark to see the standstill results

39:05Awards Ceremony: 2020 v-USBands Grand FinaleNov 15, 2020

Watch the BHS Tribute to the Class of 2021

Here is our tribute to the senior class!

USBands also aired this on FloMarching, but this version has the music that I added!

Please — send a payment now!

This season — we have reduced the fund raising commitment to $120 per student. Please — if you can make that payment now — it will help us to pay the staff and vendors and designers NOW! Thank you…

Make a Credit Card payment now:

Indoor Drum Line

Since Indoor Drum Line can be done in-person (rehearsals 7 recordings) or Virtual (composite videos) we will be starting the registration process soon. The music and audio files should be available shortly as well.

Please stay tuned and stand by for more info by the end of this week…

Indoor Guard

We need to wait and see if we are able to start soon…

Thank you

J. Miller



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