Band Notes 10–6–2020


Greetings Parents, Students & Staff

Here are the updates:


Here is a link to the letter I sent home yesterday — all members & parents should read this immediately:


All students should complete this survey ASAP.

Need to Register?

If you are new and did not register last year, but want to give this a try — please click here (as well as above) and submit this form ASAP:

Music & Audio

We will START with Part 3 “An American Symphony” from Mr. Holland’s Opus.

Get the Music here:

Get the Audio here:

Part 3 — “Mr. Holland’s Opus — An American Overture” (NOTE — Very Fast count off in 12/8 — FOUR groups of 3 clicks PER Measure) Measures 131–End Link to Audio Files —

NOTE: The first link also has audio files — but they are the ENTIRE show. To get JUST Part 3 Audio — click the second link. The sheet music on the first link has the ENTIRE show, so part 3 starts at Bar 131-END.


If you have a balance on your account you MUST sign a contract and then make ONE payment before October 15. I sent emails home to anyone with a balance.

Are you up for this challenge?

This will REALLY test what you are made of!

Thank You!

J. Miller



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G James Miller

G James Miller

Director of Bands - Frank Scott Bunnell HS