Band Notes 10–28–2021

Filming day!!!

It’s finally here folks!!!

October 28, 2021

Times subject to change

Arrive “Waist Down”

  • 2:30p-5p — Food Truck Open, students ONLY — please visit at your convenience…
  • 4:00p — Guard report for uniforms room G-2
  • 4:00p — Band report to dungeon — get uniform
  • 5:00p — Band report to Wardrobe (location TBA)
  • 5:00p-5:30p — Audience reports
  • 5:45p — All Band & Guard report to the Dungeon ready to film (w/instruments).
  • 6:00p — filming begins top of the hill scene 141
  • 7:00p — Full Band is filmed in stadium wide shots
  • 8:00p — Chang’s Band is filmed (other members change and become audience members)

Students not in Chang’s Band should bring a change of clothes

Food will be available for purchase all evening

We are in desperate need of your help!

Unfortunately we have had a very poor turnout so far for sign up for concessions tomorrow night. WE NEED YOUR HELP!

Concessions can’t run and be successful with a few people. It needs to be a team effort and the team is the Parents, Guardians and family members of the band and guard members.

The sign up was purposely set it up for two shifts to allow band parents time to sit in the stands and watch part of the show.

Just as a reminder, this fundraising benefits the kids, your kids. Monies to the general fund assist in purchasing the equipment, supplies and music staff needed for the band and guard season to happen along with assisting in keeping the participation cost to you at a minimal level.




If you were unable to volunteer at the Cavalcade, this is a second opportunity to do so on Thursday and not be charged the Cavalcade volunteer fee.

This is still open for those who have already volunteered if you wish to join us and sign up again.

We appreciate all the help we can get!

Please click on the link below to sign up

As usual, please feel free to reach out with any questions.


— The Band Parents E-Board

October 28 Disney Filming at BHS — AUDIENCE

We will be inviting all BHS Band member’s families to attend the “Evening with the Bands” and be part of the audience for the night. Each Band Family can bring 4 people (in addition to the band member) to the event. There will be printed tickets.

  • Audience members — Please arrive no later than 5p
  • plan on staying until 11p
  • we are operating concessions
  • if you, as a parent, are working concessions — you may invite more family members

Get your ticket(s) here

New England States Championships

Saturday — Oct 30

***Rain Plans will be announced later today!***

  • 11:00a — arrive dressed Waist Down
  • 12:30p — Run Thru’s
  • 1:00p — load truck and busses — food delivery
  • 1:30p — Depart for Veterans Stadium New Britain CT
  • 2:30p — arrive New Britain, get uniform jackets and hats on, warm up
  • 4:15p — Perform
  • Load the truck
  • 5:30p — Awards
  • 5:45p — depart
  • 6:45p — arrive Stratford, unload, dismissed

New England & CT State Championships Ticket Exchange

As in the past, every family is required to purchase 2 tickets for the State Championships at approx $18ea. Since not every family can use BOTH or even one ticket, and some families need MORE than 2 tickets — we have set up a “Ticket Exchange”.

First come, first served. Please fill out the form. There is no guarantee that we can sell your unwanted tickets, or that we will have extra! (tickets are also sold at the gate). If you do NOTHING you will be charged for 2 tickets and can pick them up at the tennis courts on Saturday Morning at 11a.

Food for the Bus Ride (Late Lunch) for Saturday

Please use this link to order food NO LATER than 5p Thursday!!!

Please order food or BRING a dinner for the bus ride!

Chinese Food:

Vira Deli:

the food will be delivered at 1:00p on Saturday.

Get Seven Nation Army Revised Parts Here

Current Dates for Disney

These are all FIRM dates — weather permitting:

Oct 27 — Covid testing for ALL Band students filming on Oct 28. I will act as Guardian for all Band members (parents are still needed at the event) so that ONLY students & band staff will be tested.

Oct 28 — Filming at BHS (Weather Permitting)

  • Students — Report time is 4:00p in full uniform
  • End time is 10:30/11:00p

Nov 5 — Covid testing for Chang’s Band (no guard) & their parents/guardians

Nov 7 — Filming in Stamford times TBA Chang’s Band — MUSICIANS ONLY plus their parents & guardians

Nov 18 — Covid testing for Chang’s Band & guard & their parents/guardians

Nov 20 — filming day in Stamford (Weather Permitting) Chang’s Band & Guard only, plus parents & Guardians

Jacket Order — LAST CALL!

We are currently offering a Black Band Jacket. It’s the flight jacket that we ordered the last time in 2019.

Expected delivery, if we order before Nov 1, is before the Holiday Break in December.

Please use this link to view & order your jacket asap:

Thank you!

J. Miller



Director of Bands - Frank Scott Bunnell HS

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