Good Morning — here are the daily updates

I will be doing a “Band Notes” each day this week as updates arrive on my desk

Another great video — courtesy of Mr. Dolan

Covid Testing is Wednesday

The following ONLY will be covid tested Wednesday:

  • All Students — Band & Guard
  • Band Staff that will be at the event on October 28
  • Parents that will be working the event on October 28


Tentative Times

5p-6p — Students ONLY (all students in the entire Band & Guard)

6p-7p — Staff and Parents on the support team

Please fill out the Consent form, if you haven’t done so already

Consent form links

Band Staff Form (18+):

Band Members Form (under 18):

Filming Changed to Thursday

The forecast for Friday is 25mph winds and a lot of rain. Dr. Graf and I agreed with moving the filming to Thursday when it will be 60º and sunny.

Many thanks to Mr. Thrall for adjusting the sports schedule

Thank you for being flexible

SAG Waiver

Since the filming might go until 11p, the Screen Actors Guild (SAG) needs Parents & Guardians to fill out a waiver for extended hours for all minors.

The following students need to fill out this form ASAP — please!!!

here is the link:

My understanding is that, Disney will then send you a waiver to fill out

Register to be Covid Tested

The following students need to register for their covid testing ASAP —

Work Papers were due YESTERDAY!

Paperwork to get paid: (fill out and email back to me, or Sandra Park Music — address below — as ONE .pdf file):

The Following Students need to fill out, or complete, their work papers:

(Apologize for any misspellings)

Nicole Barrantes- All docs

Christopher Campbell- All docs

Tahlia Eliis- need passport

Valeria Espinoza — need passport

Saniyah Lopez- need 2nd ID for I-9 verification

Giselle Montenegro — need 2nd ID for I-9 verification

Gabriel Rodriguez- All docs

Akira St. Clair- All docs

Jose Vicens- All docs

Jadyn Williams- All docs

Directions: (please follow carefully!!!)

1 — download and print a copy of the attached forms (if you have a PDF mark up tool, you may edit the form by adding your information) and saving the file.

2 — fill out all highlighted sections and sign where prompted. Scan your Passport or other acceptable documents (remember to fill out the top of the parent consent page — that’s NOT highlighted).

3 — scan (or save) into ONE SINGLE PDF file. (They will NOT accept multiple pages) PLEASE remember to INCLUDE a scan of your Passport or other ID document(s) at the end of the file!

TIP: get the Genius Scan app for iPhone — it’s free and you can make a single file and email it right from the scanner app.

4 — Compose an email — put YOUR NAME in the subject line along with Chang (ie: Jim Miller — Chang), attach your file (that’s important!!!) and then email the file to this address —


Wednesday 10–27–2021

  • Covid Testing 5p-6p Students, 6p-7p Adults (Parents & Guardians DO NOT need to test — only ALL students & support staff) BRING your ID!!!
  • 5:45p — all members report to the side field
  • 6:00p-6:30p — Basics & Drill Sets
  • 8:00p-8:15p — Run Thru’s
  • 8:15p-8:30p — Chang’s Band Run Thru’s
  • 8:30p — Clean up Dismissal

If you are not in Chang’s Band — take your instrument home!

Thursday 10–28–2021 — Morning

***Tentative Chang’s Band & Guard Rehearsal***

  • No actors or crew
  • Busses for SHS & Wooster
  • 8:30a-10:30a (lunch in the band room following)
  • ALL INSTRUMENTS TO THE DUNGEON — the Band Room will NOT be accessible at night AT ALL!

Thursday 10–28–2021 — Afternoon/Evening

  • 5:00p — all members report to the dungeon, w/instruments — fully dressed
  • 5:15p-11p — FILMING (Large Band first, then Chang’s Band & Guard)
  • Food will be provided

October 28 Disney Filming at BHS — AUDIENCE

We will be inviting all BHS Band member’s families to attend the “Evening with the Bands” and be part of the audience for the night. Each Band Family can bring 4 people (in addition to the band member) to the event. There will be printed tickets.

  • Audience members — Please arrive no later than 5p
  • plan on staying until 11p
  • we are operating concessions
  • if you, as a parent, are working concessions — you may invite more family members

Get your ticket(s) here

New England States Championships

Saturday — Oct 30

  • 11:00a — arrive dressed Waist Down
  • 12:30p — Run Thru’s
  • 1:00p — load truck and busses — food delivery (details soon)
  • 1:30p — Depart for New Britain Veteran’s Stadium
  • 2:30p — arrive New Britain, get uniform jackets and hats on, warm up
  • 4:15p — Perform
  • Load the truck
  • 5:30p — Awards
  • 5:45p — depart
  • 6:45p — arrive Stratford, unload, dismissed

New England & CT State Championships Ticket Exchange

As in the past, every family is required to purchase 2 tickets for the State Championships at approx $18ea. Since not every family can use BOTH or even one ticket, and some families need MORE than 2 tickets — we have set up a “Ticket Exchange”.

First come, first served. Please fill out the form. There is no guarantee that we can sell your unwanted tickets, or that we will have extra! (tickets are also sold at the gate). If you do NOTHING you will be charged for 2 tickets and can pick them up at the tennis courts on Saturday Morning at 11a.

Food for the Bus Ride (Late Lunch) for Saturday

Please use this link to order food NO LATER than 5p Thursday!!!

Please order food or BRING a dinner for the bus ride!

Chinese Food:

Vira Deli:

the food will be delivered at 1:00p on Saturday.

Current Dates for Disney

These are all FIRM dates — weather permitting:

Oct 27 — Covid testing for ALL Band students filming on Oct 28. I will act as Guardian for all Band members (parents are still needed at the event) so that ONLY students & band staff will be tested.

Oct 28 — Filming at BHS (Weather Permitting)

  • Students — Report time is 4:00p in full uniform
  • End time is 10:30/11:00p

Nov 5 — Covid testing for Chang’s Band (no guard) & their parents/guardians

Nov 7 — Filming in Stamford times TBA Chang’s Band — MUSICIANS ONLY plus their parents & guardians

Nov 18 — Covid testing for Chang’s Band & guard & their parents/guardians

Nov 20 — filming day in Stamford (Weather Permitting) Chang’s Band & Guard only, plus parents & Guardians

Jacket Order — LAST CALL!

We are currently offering a Black Band Jacket. It’s the flight jacket that we ordered the last time in 2019.

Expected delivery, if we order before Nov 1, is before the Holiday Break in December.

Please use this link to view & order your jacket asap:

Winter Schedule for Indoor Drumline & Guard

Registration coming soon for Indoor Guard & Drumline!


All students should have $200 in towards your fund raising — please make a payment NOW if you are not caught up! (We need to pay our staff & vendors!!!)

Thank you!

J. Miller

Director of Bands - Frank Scott Bunnell HS