Band Notes 10–15–2021

Weekend Updates


Please check “remind” to submit your info for SAG (Screen Actors Guild) so you can be paid!

TONIGHT — Home Football Game

  • 5:45p — all members report to the side field after getting your uniform from the dungeon.

Stratford HS & Wooster Students

  • You will attend the SHS game at Pender’s Field and stay to the end of the FIRST QUARTER only.

Saturday 10–16–2021 — Filming in Stamford

***Please clean your instruments & shine your shoes!!!*****

From Disney Wardrobe:

Students-CURRENT season. Light layers, no puffy jackets. Bring your unique every day school look! You will have a few changes so bring some options for us. Shirts, button downs, cardigans, sweaters, thin jacket, casual dresses with or without leggings, jeans, chinos, shoes, jewelry, hats. Nothing dirty looking, no large rips in jeans. Patterns are great and preferred, but no tight patterns (ie close together stripes). logos are good to use, but no graphics/pictures on clothes. Bring clothing with color (ie jewel tones), just nothing bright or neon.

Disney gear is actually a no! How weird is that? College shirts are ok as long as they are official and not hand made…

We will also be using the full band uniform so please bring that as well. Thank you!

  • 7:00a — Leave for Stamford (you provide transportation)

Food will be provided INCLUDING Breakfast for ALL STUDENTS & PARENTS!

Please bring the following:

  • Comfortable clothes/shoes (backpack)


  • Comfortable clothes/shoes

Please also be sure to bring your production sheets on your device

Familiarize yourself with the drill sets that Jing has chosen!

Be prepared to IMPROVISE!

Looking Ahead

10–20–2021 — Full Band + Chang’s Band

10–21–2021 — Full Band + Chang’s Band

10–23–2021 — Cavalcade of Bands at BHS

10–25 or 10–26 — Dress Rehearsal at the Stadium w/Disney Actors 9a-11a

10–27–2021 — Full Band + Chang’s Band + Covid Testing

10–28–2021 — Full Band + Chang’s Band

10–29–2021 — Filming Day at BHS

Cavalcade of Bands at Bunnell — Oct 23


All students should have $200 in towards your fund raising — please make a payment NOW if you are not caught up! (We need to pay our staff & vendors!!!)

Thank you!

J. Miller