Band Notes 10–11–2021

G James Miller
3 min readOct 11, 2021


Greetings — here’s the scoop!

Another BUSY week!

Weekend Re-Cap

Our BEST performance so far — please watch the video here:

(thank you Mr. Latham!)

Revised Disney filming schedule (as of today)

  • October 16 — Stamford
  • October 29 — Bunnell
  • November 7 — Stamford

Covid Testing Dates

  • October 14 at BHS — Chang’s Band & Guard 5p-6p plus any Parent/Guardian/Proxy Guardian for Chang’s Band & Guard 6p-7p
  • October 27 at BHS — ALL BAND & GUARD plus any Parent/Guardian/Proxy Guardian
  • November 5 at BHS — Chang’s Band (no guard) plus any Parent/Guardian/Proxy Guardian

Disney Accounts

Check Your Email Daily!!!

  • Disney will send you a form to fill out to open an account with ELLKAY so that you can retrieve the results of your testing…
  • You will also receive a link to open an account as a Disney Employee (Musicians only) so that you can view their training videos etc… please make sure you complete whatever they ask

Covid Consent Form for Oct 16 Filming

Parents/Guardians/Proxy Guardians for Chang’s Band & Guard ONLY fill this form out ASAP!!!

Students in Chang’s Band & Guard DO NOT fill this out — you already did it!

you will then receive an email from Disney to fill out your electronic Covid Testing Consent Form (this is mandatory before testing).

Wednesday 10–13–2021

  • 5:45p — all members report to the side field
  • 6:00p-6:30p — Basics & Drill Sets
  • 7:45p-8:00p — Run Thru’s
  • 8:00p-8:30p — Chang’s Band Run Thru’s
  • 8:30p — Clean up Dismissal

Thursday 10–14–2021

COVID TESTING for all of Chang’s Band & Colorguard and any PARENT/GUARDIAN/PROXY GUARDIAN for Chang’s Band & Guard :

5:00p — 6:00p — Covid testing for Students & Staff

6:00p — 7:00p — Covid testing for Parents/Guardians/Proxy Guardians

  • 5:00p — Sectionals — after Covid testing— side field (Brass/Woodwinds/Perc)
  • 5:45p — all members report to the side field
  • 6:00p-7:45p — Drill sets side field
  • 7:45p-8:00p — Run Thru’s
  • 8:00p-8:30p — Chang’s Band Run Thru’s
  • 8:30p-Clean up Dismissal

Friday 10–15–2021 — Home Football Game

  • 5:45p — all members report to the side field
  • 6:30p — Drum the Team into the Stadium
  • 7:00p — Kickoff — perform at Halftime.
  • after the performance— march together up the hill/clean up/dismissal

Stratford HS & Wooster Students

  • You will attend the SHS game at Pender’s Field and stay to the end of the FIRST QUARTER only.
  • Parents will need to provide transportation to BHS
  • SHS/WMS students will get their Uniforms & Instruments at the BHS Field (they should wear their SHS Pants & shoes)
  • Parents will then bring you back to Pender’s after the 1/2 time performance

Saturday 10–16–2021 — Filming in Stamford

Times and details TBA — estimated 9a — 8p in Stamford

Looking Ahead

10–20–2021 — Full Band + Chang’s Band

10–21–2021 — Full Band + Chang’s Band

10–23–2021 — Cavalcade of Bands at BHS

10–25 or 10–26 — Dress Rehearsal at the Stadium w/Disney Actors 9a-11a

10–27–2021 — Full Band + Chang’s Band + Covid Testing

10–28–2021 — Full Band + Chang’s Band

10–29–2021 — Filming Day at BHS

Cavalcade of Bands at Bunnell — Oct 23


All students should have $200 in towards your fund raising — please make a payment NOW if you are not caught up! (We need to pay our staff & vendors!!!)

Thank you!

J. Miller



G James Miller

Director of Bands - Frank Scott Bunnell HS