Happy Monday! Here’s the News…

Mid-Year Assessments

Please see below for the schedule for the Mid Year assessments.

All Period 1 & 4 students have until 11:59p on Monday, January 20 to up-load their video to their respective Schoology Pages. Period 2 & 3 will have their assessment during the 1/2 day schedule next week. All students MUST attend the 1/2 day schedule in every period.

Drum Line

This Wednesday 6p-9p. PLEASE remember the NEW way to enter and exit the building!

Winter Guard Jackets

Please use the following link to oder your jacket. You can also order your jacket by giving Kori your size THIS Tuesday ONLY! (we want to place the order on Wednesday) and you can bring a check, or have it added to your account. OR — You can pay now, using the link below…


No orders will be accepted after Tuesday night’s rehearsal!

Band Account Payments

All students should have had their FALL 2019 accounts paid in full by December 1.

All students who wish to participate in Indoor Guard or Indoor Drumline 2020 MUST have their Fall 2019 (and any older amounts) Paid in FULL by February 1, 2020.

You can make a payment here please: http://www.bunnellband.org/styled-11/styled-15/ or use Ad-Book Sales (see below) to reconcile your accounts.

Register for the Trip

We currently have over 120 Trip Registrations!

We need to get a count for the acquisition of airfare. Please fill out the following forms ASAP. It’s simple — we need a head count!

Each and every single traveler MUST fill this out, please:

Please fill this out NOW!

BHS — Registration Form

you can always learn more about the trip here — http://www.bunnellband.org/styled-25/Band-Trip-2020/

ALL TRAVELERS MUST Also Fill out the Super Holiday Tours Registration:

  • If you have not already paid your deposit, please go to the trip page on the band website http://www.bunnellband.org/Band-Trip-2020/. Scroll down and links for both registrations can be found on this page. Follow the link to create your account with Super Holiday Tours.
  • While we are planning to setup a process for transferring student account funds to Super Holiday Tours, the initial $50 deposit for each traveler must be paid directly to Super Holiday Tours.

Please note:

  • Once you create your account you must ADD TRAVELERS! This includes yourself.
  • It can be ONE ACCOUNT for your entire Family — if there are multiple members in your family that will be traveling.

EXAMPLE A: A Family has 4 travelers

  • Mom or Dad creates the account
  • Mom or Dad adds herself/himself as a traveler
  • Mom or Dad then adds the rest of the family as additional travelers under the SAME account.

EXAMPLE B: Only the student is traveling

  • Mom or Dad creates the account
  • Mom or Dad adds her/his child as a traveler


If you had an older Super Holiday Tours Account — that account has been deleted. All travelers MUST create a new account for the 2020 trip.


You are not officially registered on the trip until AFTER you pay your $50 deposit online to SHTours!

BHS Band Accounts

Carl Larsen, the volunteer that handles all of our student accounts has asked us to relay the following student account information:

The obligation for Indoor Guard and Indoor Drumline will be the same as the fall, $455. This obligation will appear on student accounts starting February 1st.

For those who donated as part of Facebook’s Giving Tuesday event, on December 3rd, please note that those donations have not yet been applied to student accounts. We hope to have all of the results from Facebook in about a week and then a few days after we receive that information the student accounts will be updated.

Student account information can always be requested by sending an email to Carl Larsen at: bsbandguardacct@gmail.com

Please contact Carl if you:

  • need your current account balance
  • want a copy of your statement to see credit amounts for recent fundraisers, Giving Tuesday, ads,etc.
  • have any questions about charges
  • want to transfer a credit balance to help pay for CA trip

Adbook for Indoor Season

The adbook is here! Start selling ads NOW! Pay off your account and build up towards the trip.

Print these forms and off you go!


Jackets should ship out by the end of this week. They will be delivered t the High School and I will send out a remind notification when they arrive.

Register for Fall 2020 NOW please!

We already have 76 registrations, which is a medium Group 4 Band!

please register if you haven’t done so already…


thank you

J. Miller

Director of Bands - Frank Scott Bunnell HS