Greetings — here’s some important scoop


We are on rain or shine tonight — we have the gym to learn the drill

please be on time!

I have printed drill sheets for everyone

Disney Director to Visit

October 7, the Director of the film (and some crew) will be at practice to see the Band & Guard (in the Stadium).

As a result, ALL Band, Guard, Parents & Band Staff (who will be at the Thursday rehearsal) MUST get covid tested on Tuesday — October 5. Disney will be sending their team on the 5th to test us and I will advise as soon as I know the exact time. We have Chang’s Band rehearsal anyway.

Disney Paperwork

Disney will be sending paperwork for all students (under 18) who will appear in the film. This is mandatory. this will include:

  • NY State Working Papers
  • Employment Permit
  • Child Performer Trust Account Form (child actors will be paid through a trust account that they can access when they turn 18) — this is a Coogan account.
  • Child Performer School form
  • Child Performer Health Form
  • They will also need a copy of each child’s US passport, Dr. Physical form, and a copy of the UTMA account or Coogan account
  • AND — they will also need ID from the parents as stated in the NY Child work Permit forms.

These are all simple forms to fill out and I should have those for you this week.

Chang’s Band will need these first, followed by the full band & colorguard.

Stamford Filming Days (Chang’s Band Only — no guard)

All members of Chang’s Band (no Colorguard) will need to arrange for transportation to and from Stamford. You MUST have a Parent/Guardian with you anyway. There will be no bus.

Parents/Guardians will be in a separate area and can bring a laptop/phone/book etc… to pass the time

Payment amounts

The student musicians will be paid as Sideline musicians. This rate is less than what the “rumor” was going around would be. It’s still significant.

I believe that it’s $249.22 for the first 8 hours and then $11.69 for each 15 minutes after that.

Students in Chang’s Band will be contracted for two 12 hour, and one 8 hour day(s). Full Band will be one 8 hour day. Colorguard will be paid on the “extra” pay scale and I do not know what that would be.

Band Theme Tee Shirts

We’re excited to share with you that our themed Tshirts, “Our Heroes of 2020” have arrived. What a great way for parents to show their Band/Guard pride than to wear them to competitions and our home show, Cavalcade of Bands on Oct 23!!

We will be selling them for both students and families on a first come, first serve during this week’s practice on Wed, 9/29 & Thurs, 9/30 beginning at 5:30. They will cost $15, and we will accept cash or check made payable to “Bunnell-Stratford Marching Band”. We have varies size to select from.

If you’re interested, don’t wait!

that’s all for now…

thank you


Director of Bands - Frank Scott Bunnell HS