Greetings — here’s the scoop…


The Band Parents are still in need of water/soda donations and parents to sign up to volunteer — please check your email from

Tentative Reschedule Date for Filming

Disney has set the filming dates tentatively as follows:

10/29 — BHS Confirmed (weather permitting)

11/7 — Stamford Confirmed (inside)


Weekend Updates


Please check “remind” to submit your info for SAG (Screen Actors Guild) so you can be paid!

TONIGHT — Home Football Game

  • 5:45p — all members report to the side field after getting your uniform from the dungeon.
  • 6:30p — Drum the Team into the Stadium (new groove beat)
  • 7:00p — Kickoff —…

Greetings — here’s the scoop!

Another BUSY week!

Weekend Re-Cap

Our BEST performance so far — please watch the video here:

(thank you Mr. Latham!)

Revised Disney filming schedule (as of today)

  • October 16 — Stamford
  • October 29 — Bunnell
  • November 7 — Stamford

Covid Testing Dates

  • October 14 at BHS — Chang’s Band & Guard 5p-6p plus any Parent/Guardian/Proxy Guardian…

weekend updates

Thursday with Disney!

What an amazing day. I am so very proud of all of our students. The Director of the Film, The Hollywood Music Executive, the Cinematographer & the Music Contractor were all beyond impressed. We will post what we can wherever possible.

Revised Disney filming schedule (as of today)

  • October 16 — Stamford
  • October 29 —…

Please read all CAREFULLY!!!

There are THREE things that MUST be completed BEFORE practice tonight!

Date Changes

It is likely that Disney will be changing the dates for the two filming days in Stamford from Oct 10 & 24 to Oct 17 & Nov 7. I should know the details very soon…

Greetings — here comes a VERY busy week…

Please — read everything!

You will receive an email from Disney that you are confirmed for Covid Testing for Tuesday — you must also fill out the consent form from that email immediately!

Last Saturday at Brien McMahon…

What an amazing performance at Brien McMahon HS!


These are VERY important

Stamford Filming

FYI — Disney will be providing meals for the students on these filming days

Register for Testing

Students attending NEXT THURSDAY’S practice (Chang’s Band & Guard) must complete this form immediately, so you can be tested Tuesday October 5th:

Everyone else will fill it out later

Testing Dates…

Please read this VERY carefully…

Cleared for Work

Cleared for work means that the student (or parent/guardian) has been cleared to enter Disney’s workspace(s)

Anyone who enters Disney’s Workspace MUST be cleared.

To be cleared — students MUST have proof of vaccination PLUS a negative Covid test that will be given 2 days…

Greetings — a few changes & updates…

note: Parents & Guardians are only required on filming days

Tuesday October 5

The covid testing will just be for Chang’s Band (including Guard) and any staff or parents that will be attending the newly scheduled rehearsal (see below) on Thursday morning… Chang’s Band will then…

Greetings — here’s some important scoop


We are on rain or shine tonight — we have the gym to learn the drill

please be on time!

I have printed drill sheets for everyone

Disney Director to Visit

October 7, the Director of the film (and some crew) will be at practice to see the…

G James Miller

Director of Bands - Frank Scott Bunnell HS

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